Reverse Engineering

Our reverse engineering services enable new components to be manufactured that are; optimised or improved from the original; or are from legacy equipment where the original technical drawings and material information may be no longer available.

Reverse engineering involves measuring a component or assembly through techniques such as 3D optical scanning or CT Scanning, and reconstructing that object as a 3D model. The model is then downloaded into a CAD package where the data can be manipulated or optimised. Reverse engineering of equipment, objects or assemblies can provide detailed analysis of structure, function and operation.

Reverse Engineering can also be a key part of a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programme; minimising the risk of lost production time because of component failure through scheduled maintenance programmes. This involves undertaking 3D scans of your key components or plant during a scheduled PPM maintenance period, so that critical parts can be reverse engineered and manufactured ahead of any critical failures.

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